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Important Google Article on Censorship and Privacy

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How Safe Are Password Managers?

We are reviewing the best shopping cart systems on the market, we will report soon on easy to use and powerful e-commerce solutions and services with secure shopping cart software.. Some of the shopping carts we are reviewing are: ShopFactory 6, MonsterCommerce, and also free shopping carts including AgoraCart, etc.

Ecommerce News 1-23-17

Google increases its market share lead over rivals MSN and Yahoo by 7% in the US.

Google now controls 67% of all searches in the US, Yahoo has 11% market share and MSN 9% for a total of 94%. So all the other search engines together have 6% market share. Please try some of the 25 different search engines above and decide for yourself which search engine is the best. We think MSN currently offers equal or better search results than Google does today, however Google still continues to win more market share. We are not sure about Worldwide search market share and will report worldwide numbers when we can. Google's revenue is more than Yahoo's and Google's So if you bought Google about a when it first went public at $100 per share you would have made a 300+% rate of return or more even after the recent stock market downturn. Wow.

Can Google continue this amazing growth? Soon Google with start selling it's phone. Most of all the research including ours shows search engine parity with search results very similar on MSN, Yahoo and Google. The best search engines rely very heavily on the number of text links pointing to a web site as a major factor in determining search engine rankings for important high traffic keywords. So if you think Google is the best search engine type "computers" on Google and see that Apple is number one, because of all the millions of text links pointing to Apple using the anchor text "computers". The funny part is when you click on to the Apple site, you only see ipod's. So this focus on links can cause problems. Frankly this is a funny yet rare example as the link based algorithms are actually quite effective most of the time and Yahoo and MSN have followed Google and the PageRank technology Google developed.

MSN is spending about 20X more on advertising than Google is. So I still think MSN will win more market share from Google over the next year. I would not bet any money against Google however and the Microsoft stock price has been flat for the last 3 years. Microsoft stock as been a real dog as far as ROI is concerned for the last 3-4 years.

Old Search Engine News Below

We and many others have been critical of Google over the last 6-12 months. Please read below. We want to be fair and we want Google to be great. Google's years of outstanding search engine technology and results has helped the search engine industry greatly. Google helped drive MSN to be the excellent search engine it is today. Google has been instrumental in what we believe to be the most important development in search engine technology for 2017. Thank you Google for this wonderful work. Please click on this link and read it for all the details.