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The Sun as an Alternative Source of Electricity

The population of the world is rapidly multiplying in greater numbers. Technology has also dominated every single household and most of them are utilizing electricity. The total energy consumption of the world is consistently escalating in the past few years and the sources of this energy are from resources that cannot be renewed like natural gas, oil and coal. Reserves are slowly starting to reduce and the supply is not enough considering the high demands. It was also discovered that consumption of petroleum, gas and oil has significantly contributed to pollution and produced damages to the environment. Now, people are starting to look for alternatives to these non-renewable resources. They want to make use of those that can be recycled and does not easily run out. They have conducted research on how these things will come to replace the common ones used today, and they are slowly having positive outcomes. They placed their attention to other sources of power that is natural to the environment. Some of these power sources are water, wind and the sun.

Our sun has provided us with so many benefits. It keeps us warm, allows the plants to give off oxygen, and sustains the lives of every living thing and a source of electricity. Yes! Energy from the sun can be converted to power that can supply our homes with electricity. Solar energy is commonly used in small devices such as calculators in the past, and it has started to power much greater devices. The earth receives a great number of solar powers everyday but few reach the surface of the earth. Energy released by the sun is greatly affected by the time of the day. The greater amount of solar power is during noon, wherein the sun is directly above a person standing on the earth’s surface.

“How does solar power work?” is a common question asked by curious individuals. Actually, there are two ways to in harnessing energy from the sun. The most common is the direct way, wherein flat plate collectors are used. These are thin objects that are usually placed on the roof to expose it to the sun. It contains a material that is colored black, which is responsible for the absorption of heat and influences the fluid or air inside its tubes. The heat is then processed into electricity. Solar panel is another direct way of harnessing energy from the sun. These solar panels contain units of the solar cells. When these panels are exposed to the sun, it creates current thereby producing electricity. The indirect way of collecting solar energy is explained in electricity produced by the wind, wherein windmills are constructed and water, wherein dams are created. The sun is the main source of energy for these two sources and without the sun, there can be no energy harnessed. It is important that solar panels should have a greater surface area to get more energy from the sun to power a certain home.

Some individuals are usually puzzled on how solar power can sustain energy in 24 hours since the sun is not around at night. This is a major shortcoming of utilizing the solar power but there are devices that can be used to store energy during the day for consumption during the night, when it’s raining or if skies are cloudy. Those that are stored is excess energy from the sun and a commonly these devices include batteries.

There are houses in other places in the world that are utilizing solar panels, and they have found it to be efficient. It may be very expensive to purchase these solar panels but the later benefits will surely be evident. Aside from saving money, solar power does not create any form of pollution, therefore it is environmental friendly and will surely prevent global warming. Right now those non-renewable sources of power are still widely used by humans and all of us should learn how to conserve energy for the benefit of all. It will surely cause a change if we will turn off unnecessary equipments at home. This simple act will provide a much better future in the next generations.