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Boston Massachusetts USA

- Beantown 
- the hub 
- The Cradle of Liberty 
- The Cradle of Modern America 
- The Athens of America 
- The Walking City

Motto: As God was with our fathers, so may He be with us.

State: Massachusetts

Time Zone: EST (UTC -5); summer (DST) – EDT (UTC -4)

Area Code: 617 and 857

Zip codes: there are a total of 53 zip codes for Boston City

Weather: Boston does not really experience very hot or very cold weather. Usually early November, Boston will feel its first freezing temperature. Spring is great in this city.

Temperature: warmest months are from July and August (around 72 degrees); coldest months are January and February (around 29 degrees).

City Official Colours: Continental blue and continental buff

Things that you can enjoy at Boston USA parks:

1.     Enjoy their water spray located mostly in parks and playgrounds.

2.     ParkARTS Events that features the art and culture.

3.     Relish the beauty of Boston’s public gardens.

4.     You get to experience swan boats (Boston tradition that came from the popular children book titled “Make Way for the Ducklings”.

5.     See the wide variety of birds flying around the city of Boston.

6.     Kids get to enjoy a ride at their colourful carousel and a spray pool. There are also free puppet shows and movie nights which usually happen during summer spray pool season (June to Labour Day).

7.     Boston Harbour Island offers activities like concert, camping, water sports, tours and many more. Ferries run only from May to October.

8.     Frog Pond Skating wherein people glide across the frog pond that is covered with ice.


Transportation in Boston

Boston has also public transportation that is operated by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and the locals call it “T”, wherein they offer subway, bus, and trolley car and boat services. So you can get a ride at their public transportation, you need to purchase the CharlieCard or Charlie Ticket that can be purchased at vending machines or other convenience store located at every subway station. Subway stops are also colour coded (red, green, blue, orange, silver). Fare ranges from $2 and there is no charge for kids aged 11 years old and below.