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Changing People’s Lives

A vast number of people is still under a faulty notion that in order to make a difference in the lives of the needy, you should be a millionaire or at least, belong to a well-to-do family. This is extremely far from the truth. Anybody is welcome to donate because just about anything may now be donated regardless of what it may be, what charity it is offered to, or whatever purpose it serves. Any contribution, whether yourself (blood, tissues or body organs), your money, your time and your thoughts can be considered as a donation as long as it is being given for a good cause. Although the common option is in cash, due to our financially challenged world, more and more folks decide on donating "in kind". Some dig up for a few clothes, shoes and bags on their closet that they have already lost appeal, some grab a few extra goods in their food cabinets while others simply volunteer themselves to help out during events in different charitable institutions. If you donate furniture long after they have been enjoyed, they can benefit the families who lost their houses like typhoons and fire. Old computers and cellular phones that are still working but have gone out of date can still be of good use to others. Donated medicines are also very important in depressed areas where healthcare facilities are very scarce.

In the world, we see day after day on TV, news regarding natural disasters, poverty, hunger and many life-threatening situations. We wonder how those affected people survive after misery struck their lives. Then the essence of giving struck our minds, and we get a clearer understanding of why a charitable institution exists today. A charity, generally a non-profit organization, can be an establishment, a foundation, a single person or groups of people giving voluntary help or otherwise, to those in need. Because these organizations require resources to provide food, shelter and other services to the poor, solicitations and donations or gifts from kind-hearted individuals and other organizations are their main source of funds.
There are many charities people can help, for example you can help someone that has been physically abused in a marriage to find a good divorce attorney. You could pay someones rent on Christmas just before they are evicted. I did this once and it felt fantastic, like God was helping and directing me.

There are so many different charities and foundations today, which shows that more and more people are becoming concerned about the problems affecting the people around us. Some may be helping a particular charitable institution because they felt the institution made a lot of impact to them because of the same common cause of help. While others choose to help because they just feel it is an obligation to help the underprivileged. So no matter how much or what your donation may be, the important thing is the act of making a donation itself. Besides, charity works are a great way of helping the less fortunate while receiving generous tax rebates in acknowledgment of your service to humanity.

Choosing to give is a personal decision. And the main purpose of charities is to rebuild other people’s existence. However, sometimes, making an impact on others doesn’t only do the trick. You also need to convince or encourage others to follow your intentions. It doesn’t mean giving out a loud speech in front of many people or publishing a book or a journal about what you are doing but simply proving to them your devotion evidenced by your actions and words are usually more than enough. This may seem to be a superhero-like task. However; you can be a superhero in your own unique ways. After all, making a difference is not measured in financial gains but in the number of people whose lives you’ve touched. So if you’re thinking of something that you can be remembered for a lifetime, why not start on something that can be continued even after your death.