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The Real Essence of a Home Sweet Home

During our preschool years when our teacher gave us an assignment about showing to class a drawing of your home, we excitedly ask our parents to help us illustrate a simple house with four corners, a roof, a couple of windows with beautiful curtains and a door. Or perhaps as we grew older, we learned how to imagine a more well-off house with a white picket fence, a spacious backyard with a small gazebo at the center of grandmother’s garden and a mini basketball court. Many of us are still like a child who assumes that a home is basically a shelter for a family to live in. We never really tried to dig in the real essence of having a home not until we realized that it is in danger of breaking apart.

How many of us have ever experienced filling up the section in a particular form asking for our home address, the people who leave this section blank? Not everybody is fortunate to have a home. Many still are out there alone in a misty dark chilly night wanting to belong to a home. And some of them even spend the holidays with their family underneath a bridge on the cold dirt. On the other hand, did it ever occur in us being able to completely answer the section asking for our home address but did not feel like we could call our place a home? Not everyone is happy with his or her home. They may have a place to live but not a home where they will feel cared and loved, not alone and left out.

Building up a home is not as easy as constructing it with a pile of wood. A home is much more than just a roof over people’s heads---it plays a big part in shaping a person’s life. This is where an individual learned how to laugh at the crankiest joke, cry at the most touching story each family member has to share, celebrate with joy at different holidays and special occasions, gather around during bad times and enjoy an ordinary get-together. Then we, consequently, appreciate the reasons of having a home, especially in times when we need a shelter from the storms in our lives. We realized that for as long as we have a home, we know we belong somewhere.

We loved our home just the way we have loved our family. We can have our mother and father, our brothers and sisters, our grandparents or any of our kith and kin stay under one roof but no matter how much we wanted them to stay forever since we can’t give up having good times together, we will soon begin to notice that one by one, each of them will have to leave the place you called home. We can’t live in your parents’ house for the rest of our lives either. That is why even ourselves have to leave too. We need to leave in order to start and build our own home and family.

Searching for a home you envision settling with a family of your own is a long process. Before moving in, you have to consider a lot of things like the location, the house itself, the history of the house, the safety and of course the affordability of the price. Don’t rush things because you don’t want to regret in the end. Besides, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money ending up futile.

And if you are one of those unlucky people who need to move out into a home you have grown to love due to circumstances out of your control, you will experience mixed emotions from feelings of sadness and emptiness within you to high levels of nostalgia. You get upset leaving your friends behind, your social groups in school, your sense of belongingness and your memories, especially if you have treasured great childhood years.

A home is an abode waiting for you to return. It is a haven where your heart rests and where your family can dwell safely and cozily. At the end of the day, when you’re in your bed, warm and at ease, gazing into the darkness, it feels good to know that you are sharing a quiet night with the people you truly care about.