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How to Grow Orchids

One of the best ways in beautifying your garden is to fill it up with colorful orchids.   Orchids are the usual fixations in gardens because of its wide array of kinds, and it is very easy to take good care of. Although some orchids are expensive and hard to find, there are still kinds of orchids that will not drain your pockets, making your garden so colorful and refreshing at the same time.  Also, generally, orchids do not need high maintenance pampering as long as orchids are grown in the right way and are mended in an environment appropriate for its growth and sustainability.

In order for your orchids to grow healthy and for it to last longer, the following are some of the basic steps in taking good care of orchids:


    1. Keep your orchids at low temperature environment. Too much sun exposure or heat can damage your orchids; hence, a 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature is enough for orchids to survive and grow. Also, place orchids in shaded areas and not directly under the scourging heat of the sun.


    1. It is not necessary to water orchids regularly. The mist in the air can sustain it since most orchids grow in an aerial setting.  Also, it is advisable that in watering orchids, use sprays instead of directly pouring the water into the orchids.


    1. Fertilizers can help boost the growth of your orchids. Just like vitamins are for human beings, fertilizers can help orchids grow healthier and last longer.  There are different kinds of fertilizers for orchids depending on the kind of orchids you have. Most orchid growers testified that their orchids look healthier and more colorful when sprayed with fertilizers.


    1. Re-potting orchids are not really a huge problem since most orchids “outgrow” its pots around after 2-3 years. Furthermore, just little trimmings of its growing roots are needed in case its habitats have lesser space already.


    1. Be sure that your orchids and its surroundings are not habituated with “plant killers” such as worms and pests. This can be a little of a challenge among orchid growers because pests come and go unpredictably. Most pests found in orchids are snails and slugs.  It is in this manner that daily check-up on your orchids are required in order for it to be infested with worms or pests that can hamper its growth.

  1. If your orchids are placed inside your home or indoors, make sure that enough ventilation is present around it. Orchids need some air; hence, a closed environment can, in a way, suffocate it because it looked for the mist (dew) found in the air.

The following tips are just basic ones in taking care and growing orchids.  For sure, well-experienced orchid growers have their own secrets in mending orchids.  It takes a lot of research in order to come-up with effective methods in growing orchids. Also, talking with orchid experts as well as joining orchid shows and expos or visiting flower delivery will contribute for a broader knowledge about orchids. Meanwhile, patience is needed in having this kind of endeavor. Orchids are not that difficult to be taken good care of but, still, patience and perseverance are needed in order to grow healthy and colorful orchids.