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WATER: Vital to a Man’s Life

Man needs water to live. Our human body constitutes water, and therefore, very vital to a person’s life. Aside from oxygen, man cannot live without water. It has a lot of function and role in our body. It determines how well our body functions. The more water we drink, the healthier we become. Water does not only increase the quality of life, but it also prolongs one’s life.


Water plays a vital role in the absorption and digestion of food, as well as, in the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. It also protects and relieves our body from body pains such as back pains, muscular pains, joint pains, stomach pains and the like. Water also relieves headaches, migraines, depression, disorientation, constipation and allergies. More importantly, it prevents man from illnesses such as an ulcer,, hypertension, cholesterol, asthma, and other form of sickness. Water also regulates our body temperature; It takes away toxins and dirt from our body; It lubricates our joints; It protects tissues, organs and the spinal cord from damage. Water gives us a healthy and clear skin and also maintains muscle tone. Life, therefore, is nothing without water.


Man, aside from water, drinks other forms of beverages such as juice, tea, coffee, soft drinks and etcetera. However, these drinks do not really substitute water in the proper functioning of a man’s body. Instead, they sometimes do not give us any good when used in the wrong way and is unhealthy to our body. Like for example, drinks that constitute caffeine stimulate a person’s adrenal gland. While a drink that contains sugar increases the insulin level in our body and takes our body out of its fat burning state. With the given disadvantages of the other form of beverages, it does not necessarily mean that we do not have to drink them. We can drink them moderately and even lower. Water is still the best to drink for it has no side effects and no disadvantages.


Water is a very important factor when a person wants to decrease weight. This is because, water has no calories, fats and cholesterol. When a person drinks plenty of water, fat deposits in the body are being lessened and therefore, may help in the reduction of weight. Water also helps in the proper digestion of our solid foods and gets rid or our body wastes. When a person drinks plenty of water, he may also perspire a lot, thus cools down his body. Proper intake of water also prevents us from dehydration, which sometimes causes headache, stress and migraine.


With all these advantages, it is but important for us to drink water with an average of eight to ten glasses a day. In this way, our body organs and tissues can function properly, thus, giving us a healthy and well-balanced body.