What Are the Main Uses of Granite in Home Design?

Granite is a highly adaptable natural rock that has been highly sought after for years due to the sturdiness as well as aesthetic beauty. While granite countertops are amongst the most popular in modern home design, granite is doing double duty as a decorative and functional material. Let's take a look at some modern-day uses for granite in homes.

A reborn of Kitchen Countertops with elegance durability

Granite is most typically made use of to produce kitchen countertops. Granite is durable, stands up to heat, cuts, scratches, and is perfect for the wear and tear environment of a kitchen. It also stands up to the heat and moisture that are naturally found in such a high-use area. Not to mention, granite countertops are nonporous and non-absorbent meaning that they are immune to harboring bacteria and germs, making granite countertops a sanitary kitchen surface.

The Best Accessory You Might Buy for Your Bathroom: A Luxury Bathroom Vanity Tops

Granite is commonly used in the bathroom for vanity tops because it is resistant to water damage and is always appeared luxurious. GraniteGranite is a sign of elegance turning an average bathroom to magnificent retreat to give a higher resell value for the house. A clean-friendly surface, matching the fast cleaning requirements of any bathroom.

Type of flooring: Hardwood and ceramics with strength and elegance

A few other granite uses in homes are found in granite flooring. Pergo is a durable option that works well in high traffic areas of your home, such as foyers, hallways and kitchens. URT304 is not just a decorative epoxy that looks like marble, it s a full rollcoat epoxy that is actually 3 to 5 times harder than the best commercial epoxy we have. Think of a factory sealed epoxy floor with the highest gloss available. URT304/URT305 is designed for use in your home, your place of business, lobbies, commercial kitchens medical offices, hospitals, upscale public restrooms, schools and other high profile high traffic areas. Granite floors will outlast any other floor on the market. In addition, granite comes in a wide range of colors and patterns that will work with just about any décor style; making it the perfect floor choice- one that may boost your resale value and last for years to come.

Functional Art: Backsplashes and Wall Cladding

Backsplashes and Wall Cladding are most commonly used for Granite as well. In addition to protecting the walls from spills and splatters, these applications also serve as decorative accents. Granite backsplash can be coordinated with the countertop material for a clean and continuous look, or it can be a focal point of a room on its own, based on the color and detailing.

Outdoor applications: weatherproof characteristics

Because of its durability against weathering and erosion, granite is a popular stone for outdoor kitchens, patio tables, and garden benches which are exposed to the elements. Durable in All Types of Weather: Will not fade away or get rusty from the rain or direct sunlight; suitable for outdoor décor making it long-lasting.

Fireplaces and Mantels: Grace Of The Oldification

Granite is also an ideal choice for fireplace surrounds and mantels, as it boasts both heat-resistant qualities and exquisite natural appeal. For high-end homes, a granite fireplace will bring a lovely dose of elegance to living rooms and dens as well as providing a welcoming presence.

The versatility of the designs makes granite one of the most popular materials for home design. Granite is super durable which is one of the many reasons why you see it in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor décor; it is the perfect concoction, saving you time, money, and the inevitable headache that comes along with fixing faulty décor. If you are interested in seeing all the uses that granite has and the benefits that this type of stone brings, go to usos del granito. These quick and easy granite-care tips will help you integrate this versatile surface into your home.

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